Off Track presents Queer Out Here

Special edition of Queer Out Here

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Off Track presents a special edition of Queer Out Here, featuring a selection of pieces from Issue 01. Off Track, with Ann Jones, is an Australian radio show from ABC’s Radio National. Every week, Off Track explores an aspect of the natural world - anywhere from deep in the ocean to high in the mountains, from the outback to suburban back yards. We love this programme, and we are delighted to be featured in their series of “some of the best of international nature broadcasting and audio”. You can also find this special issue on the Off Track website.

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Information about Off Track presents Queer Out Here

Length: 32:47

Transcript: Google Docs / PDF

File size: 31.5MB

High quality audio: Google Drive (360MB, .wav)

Cover art: Elements from both Off Track’s header image and our Issue 01 cover by Emma Charleston.

Content notes: Pieces in Queer Out Here talk about many things related to being queer and the outdoors. This special issue contains: a piece with a rhythmic, meditative, potentially hypnotic cadence; mentions of mild physical injuries and blood; poems about family estrangement; discussion of concerns relating to transition processes and exercise as a weight loss strategy. Please see content notes from Issue 01 for more information.

Show notes: This special issue is an edited version of Queer Out Here Issue 01, featuring pieces chosen by the Off Track team. Details about each of the featured pieces (and the creators, of course!) can be found in the show notes for Issue 01 and on the Off Track website. The running order for Off Track presents Queer Out Here is as follows.

  1. Off Track introduction - Ann Jones

  2. Queer Out Here introduction - Jonathan and Allysse

  3. Sweeper - Gary

  4. An Aborted Swim (Ladies' Pond) - Jo Impey

  5. As I am Walking (I am Becoming) - Jonathan

  6. Sweeper - Ruth

  7. Excerpt from Floodlight Viscera #12 - Erin Kyan

  8. Off Track insert - Ann Jones

  9. Highway, Shepparton and Rooms - Belinda Rule

  10. Sweeper - Emma

  11. New Year's Day Thoughts - Jenny List

  12. Off Track outro - Ann Jones