If recording audio is new to you and you want to start small, we get it! Here's something easy you can do, which will also help us out.

We need some sweepers for Queer Out Here. Sweepers are those short clips you might hear on a radio station - you know, the ones that go, "You're listening to the relaxed vibes of Drive on 104.4, Sweet FM." But we're after something more like the community contributions on podcasts like The Sporkful (phone-in style) or Nancy (vox pop style) - and that's where you come in.

How to record a greeting / sweeper - in four easy steps

One. Find a device you can use to record some digital sound. This might be a phone (iPhones come with Voice Memo as standard), a digital recorder or a laptop. If you have a mic you can plug in, that’s great. If not, you can work with the internal mic on your device.

Two. Go to an outdoor spot. Optional: record one minute of the sounds that are happening right there and then. It can help to wear headphones so you can adjust the recording levels or monitor if wind is blowing out the sound.

Three. Record a Queer Out Here greeting/sweeper using this template as a guide:

  • [Greeting]
  • I’m [name and (optional) description of self].
  • I’m [describe what you’re doing/where you are]
  • and [it is/I am/we are/you’re listening to] Queer Out Here.

For example, “Hola! My name’s Juan, and I’m a gay trans man living in the Netherlands. I’m sitting in my local park in Eindhoven, watching people feed the pigeons, and you’re listening to Queer Out Here.” Or, “Hi, I’m Alaa. I’ve just climbed my first ever mountain and I am Queer Out Here!” Or, “Hi, this is Danni. I’m in Sydney with my partner Bee, we’re at Mardi Gras and it is super Queer Out Here!”

Four. Send the recording/s to us along with your name, where/when you made them. We'd love a photo, too, either of you or of the place you made your recording. You can email attachments or links to queerouthere@gmail.com.

And that's it! We'll edit the outdoors sounds together with your voice, if needed. You'll be rewarded with the warm fuzzy feeling of helping out - and with the fame and fortune* that will inevitably accompany being featured in Queer Out Here.

If you're curious, you can find other Queer Out Here sweepers on SoundCloud.

(*Fame and fortune not guaranteed.)