Issue 00

An interview with the editors of Queer Out Here.

Issue 00

Allysse and Jonathan discuss how being queer/LGBTQIA+ might affect a person’s outdoor experiences, connections between creativity and the outdoors, what we love about field recordings and the kinds of places we’re drawn to.

Think of Issue 00 of Queer Out Here as a bit of an introduction - a taste of some themes that might be covered in the zine and a way of getting to know your editors. The “real” issues of Queer Out Here will be very different, with contributions from many people.

Information about Issue 00

Length: 52:02

Transcript: Google Docs / PDF

Content notes: If you have specific anxieties or triggers, you may wish to ask a trusted friend to listen to this interview and give you feedback. You could also check the transcript for particular words. There are two moments we’d like to note:

  1. 06:13-08:30 - Allysse describes negotiating a situation that might have had the potential for homophobic violence (no physical or verbal violence occurred).

  2. 44:52-45:00 - Jonathan whispers close to microphone, which can be an odd sensory experience, especially if you’re wearing headphones.

File size: 99.9MB (.mp3)