If you are queer/LGBTQIA+ and spend time outdoors, we’d love to hear from you.

Queer Out Here is an audio zine that explores the outdoors from queer perspectives. We bring together stories and soundscapes from around the world to hear how queerness might intersect with and influence people’s experiences of outdoor spaces and activities.

Take our ears adventuring

Styles: We want to collect all kinds of interesting outdoors-related sound pieces to add to the mix for each issue of Queer Out Here. We’re after essays, fiction, field recordings, interviews, mini documentaries, music, poetry, research, reviews, sound art, stories, trail updates and more. It doesn’t matter if your piece is not perfectly, professionally produced, so long as it holds our attention. NB: We will give preference to experimental work in Issue 04 (think experimental narratives, recording processs or editing decisions . . . or simply trying a new activity).

Topics: Bring us outside with you. Maybe you’re stargazing with a lover, cruising in the city parks, doing ocean-based fieldwork, researching climate change, hiking solo through the desert, kayaking a river or abseiling down a cliff face. Maybe you’re taking to the streets to protest, attending an outdoors symposium, watching the birds and the bees as you garden, cycling to school, making art or skimming stones. Maybe you have a critical response to the notion of 'the outdoors', what it means and to whom. Maybe you’re telling a story or meditating on a theme - through words or music or found sound. Maybe you’re chatting with a friend who is a farmer, a forager, a mountaineer or a surf lifesaver. Maybe you’re reviewing travel writing by a queer person (or creating your own) or investigating the queer histories of your city. NB: We will give preference to pieces covering outdoor activities other than walking and cycling in Issue 04.

Producers: We’re interested in works produced by people who identify as queer/LGBTQIA+. If you think you fit the bill, you probably do. We're especially keen to hear from folks who are underrepresented in outdoors and/or queer media (e.g. Indigenous people, people of colour, people with disabilities, fat people, people of different faiths, youth and elders, people with experiences of homelessness, families, neurodivergent/neuroatypical people). Queer Out Here submissions don’t have to focus on identity, just hit us with your outdoors-themed audio.

You can listen to Issue 01, Issue 02 and Issue 03 to hear the kinds of pieces we've featured before, or check out our inspiration page.

Submission guidelines

  • Deadline: Sunday 20 October 2019.

  • Format: Digital (you can record analogue if you prefer, but you’ll need to convert it before sending it). WAV, AIFF and MP3 are all fine.

  • Length: Anything from about 1 to 10 minutes is good (we’re a little bit flexible, but if it’s edging towards 12 minutes it’s probably time to get editing, and if your poem’s under 30 seconds, maybe try weaving in some field recordings).

  • Language: If any key information in your piece is conveyed in a language other than English, please include interpretation within the piece (preferred) or in the supporting documentation.

  • How to submit: Use the submissions form linked here. The form will take 5-10 minutes if you've prepared everything - longer if you haven't! We’ll ask for:

    • Your name, contact details and <150 word creator bio (all required)

    • Your pronouns, recording of your name (or pronunciation guidance), social media links, identity/ies and location (all optional)

    • Info about your piece, including title, length and <200 word supporting statement (all required)

    • Transcript of your piece (optional, but much appreciated)

    • Confirmation about legal stuff such as permissions, usage rights and copyright (all required)

  • Payment: £10 thank you payment for every submission used in Queer Out Here.*

* We can't pay for submissions that use material obtained under a NonCommercial Creative Commons license or similar. The easiest way to ensure you're all good with copyright and usage permissions is to write/record everything yourself. We prefer to make payments via Paypal, but we can also do bank transfers in the UK, Australia and the Eurozone.


(Psst! You could also record a sweeper for us!)