5 ideas for audio pieces

So, you want to contribute to Queer Out Here, but you're not sure where to start? We've got your back!

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1. Record an interview with someone you know

This might be a fellow queer/LGBTQIA+ person who inspires you, the leader of a walking group, a diving trainer, an arranger of outdoors events, a fellow activist, an artist, a friend. Ask how they got into the thing they do, get them to describe a recent outing, ask how being queer/LGBTQIA+ affects their experiences, find out what advice they have for others. Find some tips for recording interviews here.

2. Get arty

Make a piece of music using audio sampled from your surroundings - city sounds, bush sounds, bird sounds, sea sounds. Create a catalogue of noises or experiences. Go wild with your post-production, feed noises through loops and effects, make a sound sculpture. Make sure to include a description/artist statement when you submit your piece, so we can help listeners engage with your piece!

3. Make a short documentary

Bring us on one of your outings - a walk, a swim at the beach, an outdoors event, an overnight camp, whatever it is you do. You could commentate as you go, interview other participants, or just collect ambient sounds and edit them together with minimal narration. Listen to some short pieces on our Inspiration page to get an idea for what's possible.

4. Review something

Have you read a good outdoorsy book, purchased a piece of kit or visited a queer-friendly place? Why not review it? Think about what kind of review would be useful for other queer/LGBTQIA+ people. Is there something we must know about? Is there something so homophobic/racist/impractical/terrible you need to warn the world? If you can include multiple products in one review, that’s great - a comparison of stand-up urination devices from the perspective of a trans guy thru-hiker or fussy femme festival follower could be interesting. And remember: be honest and be yourself. This is not an infomercial!

5. Read out a blog post or essay

If you've written a reflective essay or blog post about what it means to be a queer/LGBTQIA+ person exploring, working or playing in the outdoors, we’d love to hear it read in your own voice! You could do this on a computer or phone, or even in a studio if you are lucky enough to have access to one. While it’s not always necessary or desirable, you might also use some relevant field recordings or ambient sound to weave around the spoken words.

And don't forget, we're also looking for sweepers!